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Dear SEL Global Network Members

Seaworld Express Lines held its 8th Global Conference in Singapore last week, and what was arguably the best event yet!

The Conference focused upon some specific areas of opportunity, namely the further development of Reefer business and including Pharmaceuticals, besides our established presence in Seafood, Meat and Poultry sectors.

Geographically the Conference focused upon “emerging markets” being Iran and Myanmar, where the last few months have seen dramatic and positive developments.

We also covered East Africa, where SEL has via Seafast Africa, a very strong transport capability into the East Africa hinterland.

More generally we debated the advantages that SEL has compared with Carriers and Large International Forwarders, who are often slow to respond and not delivering the personalised services we pride ourselves upon.  The shipping industry is going through significant upheaval, with supply too great for demand, and the reshuffling of Carrier groupings (again!) leading to conflicting objectives of rate improvement v market share growth to fill the ever increasing capacity.

The relationship SEL has developed with a leading Global Carrier, and the presence of a Senior VP who addressed our meeting in person, underlined the opportunity for SEL in this challenging environment.

During these uncertain times, there is considerable opportunity for our asset light, swift to respond, and personalised Customer Service approach.

For those who attended there was a feeling of optimism as SEL enters its 9th year of operation.  For those who did not make it to this Conference we would warmly recommend that you attend the next event, which will be scheduled for March/April 2017, the exact dates and venue to be advised later this year.

Please be reminded that for the period 1st April 2016, until 31 March 2017, SEL Shareholders have announced that no Membership Fee will be applicable, but the Bill of Lading fee remains $10/TEU. This is the Shareholders attempt to make SEL extremely cost effective, and encourage volume growth during this financial year.  Please return this gesture by actively using the SEL product to your and fellow members joint benefit.

If any Members would like more information about the Singapore Conference or requires support in development of specific target business, please consider the undersigned to be at your full disposal.


With Warm Regards David J Halliday, Managing Director