18-01-2016 Seafast establish Partnership with Iran

Subject; Seafast establish Partnership with Iran

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Following the announced liftings of trade sanctions imposed upon Iran, Seafast Logistics are pleased to announce the formation of a Partnership with long established Iranian Logistics providers, Seven Seas Tehran. Together Seafast Logistics and Seven Seas have established a Joint Venture, believed to be the only one of its kind. It will be known as “Iran Shipping & Logistics Limited” and was registered with UK Authorities in August 2015, immediately upon announcement of the nuclear related agreement with the European and US Governments.

The respective owners of Seafast and Seven Seas have a long established working relationship spanning over 20 years, and dating back to the days of Container Shipping Companies, Contship Container Lines, and CP Ships, of which David J Halliday was CEO, and during which time Seven Seas acted as representatives of those Shipping Lines in Tehran. Chairman of Seven Seas Iran, said he was delighted that developments now permit Seven Seas and Seafast to activate their plans to provide Global Shipping and Logistics Services from 90 Countries to and from Iranian Ports.

Halliday added, “we have been patiently waiting for this opportunity, and through the collective knowledge and experience of Seafast, and Seven Seas, our JV Partnership, “Iran Shipping and Logistics Limited” is now able to offer immediate solutions for Container shipping, as well as Break Bulk, Project Cargoes, Refrigerated goods, and Airfreight into and from all Iranian Ports. “ISLL” will cover shipments under its own contracts of carriage duly insured, and will use its extensive Global Network to design and implement bespoke transportation solutions, according to individual Customer requirements”

It is known that in the last week planning meetings were convened in Tehran, in anticipation of the sanctions being lifted, and in which a number of “Iran Shipping & Logistics” overseas members were in attendance cover Asia and Europe Regions, chaired jointly by Seven Seas and Seafast the founding Partners of the JV Company.

For further information contact,

Mr Ali Sangian of Seven Seas Tehran. Ali-sangian@sevenseasir.com

Ms Caroline Heale of Seafast UK. CHeale@seafast.com

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