17-02-2015 – Seafast Announcement.

I am pleased to announce that last week we completed a transaction that sees Uniserve Holdings Limited, become a 50% Shareholder in Seafast Holdings Limited.

Uniserve’s investment was lead by Iain Liddell the owner of Uniserve Group and a well-respected figure in global freight and supply chain services. I encouraged the Uniserve investment for a number of reasons, these being:

Firstly Seafast’s 9 year involvement in serving ISAF Forces with the provision of shipping and logistics services, each to and from Afghanistan, draws to completion in the coming months, it facilitates Pete Allsop with the opportunity to retire from the business.  Pete sold his 50% shareholding in Seafast, to Uniserve Holdings.

Secondly it enables Seafast Group to further develop its business, specifically its unique service offerings in Reefer shipping and Port Centric handling, via the Port of Felixstowe, and its focus upon remote and difficult to serve Regions of the World.  There will be no change to this business strategy but rather it will be enhanced under the new Shareholder structure, as we look to expand our Temperature Controlled Handling Facility over the course of this and next year.

Uniserve are investing over a £100 million in the development of a brand new Felixstowe “Super DC” on land that they own alongside the A14 just outside the dock entrance.

I will retain my 50% Shareholder and continue to be the Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

Iain and I have agreed a long term business plan and strategy, which mean Seafast will maintain its focus but with accelerated growth.  There are many complimentary services and facilities offered by Seafast and Uniserve and some strong synergies will be realised.  Each company will retain its own identity as they service different sectors but we will be able to cross sell and promote each others facilities and extend each other’s service offering.

We appreciate the loyalty of our much valued Customers, and Service Providers, and do not take your support for granted.  Over the coming months we will be aiming to meet with you to incorporate your important input into our future plans, so that we maintain and enhance our commitment to delivery of “Bespoke Logistics Solutions”

As always at your disposal and again thank you for your highly valued support.

With Kind Regards,

David J Halliday

Seafast Group, Chief Executive Officer