06-11-2014 – The future of shipping for St Helena Island – Seafast first to react.

The Seafast Group have once again been making the headlines in the remote south Atlantic island of St Helena, as a result of a recent fact finding visit by two of the Seafast Group’s senior shipping executives, Mark Scott and Gareth Player.

With a population of 7,637 the island’s import and export activities are currently served by RMS St Helena, the last remaining dedicated Royal Mail ship and as it slowly ploughs its way through the south Atlantic, sailing between Cape Town, Ascension Island and St Helena, it would be tempting to say it represents the island’s lifeline, only for St Helenians it is even more than that.

Mark and Gareth visited the island to undertake research prior to the Seafast Group’s possible bid for the tender replacement service for the RMS. With submissions due by the end of January, Mark commented, “We felt it was essential to visit St Helena to discuss the actual requirements of the people and local businesses, as well as talking to local importers about the challenges and complexities they face.” The successful bidder for the tender will be informed by April 2015.