29-11-2018 Seafast Logistics & Seafast Cold-Chain Awarded AEO Accreditation


I am delighted and proud to be able to confirm that with effect from Wednesday 28 November 2018, both Seafast Logistics Ltd, and Seafast Cold-Chain Logistics PLC have been awarded AEO accreditation by Her Majesty’s  Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation is awarded to those (Logistics Providers, Customs Clearing Agencies, Exporters and Importers) who have demonstrated their sustainable ability to comply with secure customs related operations.  It is a positive acknowledgement of the high standards by which Seafast Group undertakes its business, and specifically the compliance and security of our Supply Chain, within each Seafast Logistics, and Seafast Cold-Chain Logistics.

The practical benefits our Customers will enjoy, as a result of Seafast being AEO accredited will include

  • Faster track through Customs controls (compared with those who are not holding AEO accreditation)
  • Lower risk score, which reduces the frequency of physical and documentary checks at the Border
  • Improved security, with reduced occurrence of theft or loss in transit
  • Demonstrates a high level of competence and compliance with the relevant Authorities
  • Access to simplified Customs procedures.

The timing of our AEO accreditation is all the more important, ahead of the fast approaching “Brexit” with Britain set to leave the EU single market in March 2019.

Authorisation numbers;

Seafast Logistics Limited                            GB AEOC 00099/18

Seafast Cold-Chain Logistics PLC            GB AEOF 00096/18


David J Halliday Seafast Group CEO and Co-Owner