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Environmental Policy Statement

This environmental policy is appropriate to the nature and scale of environmental impacts of Seafast Holdings Ltd activities, products and services and Is structured in keeping with the strategic context of the organization and its core activities. It also provides an opportunity to communicate with external interested parties and others outside the business.

It is the Policy of Seafast Holdings Ltd to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of current environmental legislation, authoritative guidance, literature and relevant approved codes of practice (The Seafast Holdings Ltd Register of Legal and Other Environmental Requirements’ is subject to continual review and update).

The scope for certification purposes is the provision of;

International Freight Forwarding and Logistics including Cold Chain Logistics, Warehousing and Cross-docking of packaged ambient, frozen and chilled products

The environmental policy expresses ‘Top Management’ commitment to identifying and mitigating environmental hazards and preventing / controlling environmental incidents.

The environmental policy is:

  • authorised by ‘Top Management’
  • communicated to all employees and people working on behalf of our organisation (e.g. agency staff and contractors as appropriate)
  • maintained and reviewed at Management Review
  • available to interested parties via the Seafast Intranet and Webpage.

This environmental policy ensures that a framework for setting environmental objectives and a commitment to the protection of the environment the prevention of pollution and other specific commitment(s) relevant to the context of the organization,

‘Top Management’ is committed to fulfilling its compliance obligations (legal or other) and to the continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

‘Top Management’ will continuously review its targets, personnel and financial resources customer specified environmental requirements, Port Authority rules, standing procedures & safe working instructions.

‘Top Management’ understands that leadership is a key requirement and recognises that the effective assessment of all Seafast Holdings Ltd environmental aspects and the effective management of its environmental impacts is an essential and integral part of business management.

‘Top Management’ considers environmental issues in equal priority to other business requirements and to that end the Board is committed to the continuous improvement of the environment and actively strives to secure the co-operation and involvement of its employees at all levels.

‘Top Management’ expects all those engaged in operations for or on behalf of the company to consider the potential for environmental risks arising in accordance with the following policy objectives: –

Ensuring that Seafast Holdings Ltd complies with all relevant Environmental legislation.

Developing, implementing and maintaining Environmental Management Systems appropriate to Seafast Holdings Ltd activities and operations.

Preventing pollution and reducing emissions that may arise from our activities, and operations.

Employing environmental risk assessment techniques to identify and mitigate the environmental impacts arising from our work activities and operations.

Minimising and mitigating noise and vibration from our activities using best practical means.

Working to improve Seafast Holdings Ltd waste management practices, reducing waste and the disposal of wastes to landfill.

Adopting good industry practice (GIP) in the prevention, management and remediation of contaminated land and or groundwater.

The sustainable use of natural resources and conserving and safeguarding natural habitat in all mediums.

Having planned arrangements for responding speedily and effectively to environmental complaints.

Seafast Holdings Ltd Strategy: ‘Top Management’ will fulfil the company’s responsibility for the environment by: –

Introducing targets as part of continual improvement to support the Environmental Policy objectives and ensuring that the necessary personnel and financial resources are allocated to assist the company in meeting these objectives and targets.

Seafast Holdings Ltd will monitor, audit and review its environmental performance and the effectiveness of its arrangements for environmental management via management review.

In support of this approach Seafast Holdings Ltd will strive to raise the levels of environmental awareness and competence of its workforce and suppliers.

Your involvement: ‘Top Management’ is accountable for the environmental aspects and impact arising out of its operations and is totally committed to the implementation of this environmental policy.  Managers are responsible for environmental performance within their areas of the business.

Employees and suppliers are reminded of their duty of care toward the environment and are expected to ensure that due consideration is given to the potential effects on the environmental by their workplace activities at the planning stage and prior to the commencement of any works.

BRC - Agents and Brokers
International Meat Association
ISO 9001 - TUV Nord
ISO 14001
uk warehousing association
Seafast, Felixstowe, The Queens Award
Seafast Global
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