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Seafast Group Quality Policy

Seafast Group is committed to the provision of cost-effective services for our customers through the design, development and delivery of innovative business solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. The scope for certification purposes is the provision of;

International Freight Forwarding and Logistics including Cold Chain Logistics, Warehousing and Cross-docking of packaged ambient, frozen and chilled products

The IMS is structured in keeping with the strategic context of the organization and Seafast Core activities. The Quality Policy also provides an opportunity to communicate with external interested parties and others outside the business.

The Quality policy guides management and employees in the maintenance of culture, continuity in the delivery of contractual and legal requirements. The Quality policy promotes customer satisfaction whether it relates to work in remote and difficult territories or reefer cold chain logistics operations.

As a leading provider Seafast will continually improve its Integrated Management System through its (S.M.A.R.T.) objectives and targets for improvement and will carefully monitor progress to ensure improvement is realised and maintained.

The IMS underpins the principles of the BRC Global Standards as applicable to Seafast operations which relate to the safe storage and handling of food products. The Seafast Directors will ensure that all persons engaged in operations are able to discharge their duties, roles and responsibilities to prevent and control Biological, Physical, Chemical, Radiological & Allergenic risks.

The Seafast Board of Directors are committed to: –

  • Ensuring that the appropriate product groups are identified.
  • Identifying and complying with all relevant legislation.
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining a safe storage & distribution appropriate to activities and operations. Employing HACCP / risk assessment techniques to identify prevent and mitigate adverse effects that may arise from our activities, and operations.
  • Continual improvement.
  • Having planned arrangements for responding speedily and effectively to complaints and implementing appropriate and timely corrective actions. Implementing and managing effective & relevant Pre-Requisite Programmes in support of product specific H.A.C.C.P.

The adopting and implementation of Seafast IMS also assists the formal recording of security and safety threats and their corresponding controls relating to A.E.O requirements for safety, security & customs. The IMS is subject to annual internal audit and is externally assessed by a UKAS-Accredited Certification Body.

Adherence to the Quality policy and the relevant requirements of our IMS by all employees and others, who work for us, is crucial. Awareness briefings ensure that staff knowledge and understanding is maintained and ensures that contractors and suppliers are fully aware of IMS as it relates to them.

BRC - Agents and Brokers
International Meat Association
ISO 9001 - TUV Nord
ISO 14001
uk warehousing association
Seafast, Felixstowe, The Queens Award
Seafast Global
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