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Seafast Logistics is a UK based specialist logistics Group, founded in 2000, and present in East Africa for the past decade. Together with Logistics 365 of Kenya we have formed a Rwandan based entity called “Seafast Logistics 365 Limited” in the form of an equal partnership Joint Venture.

Seafast Logistics 365 - Rwanda
Seafast Rwanda - Logistics 365

The objective being that of forming an “Integrated Logistics Cold Chain” which does not currently exist to anywhere approaching international standards, and whose purpose will be that of supporting Rwandan Farmers, in developing overseas markets for fresh produce. It is a known fact that only 34% of such fresh produce reaches market in a saleable condition.

Seafast Logistics 365 Limited, Rwanda, aims to provide seamless transportation of fresh produce for agricultural products in temperature controlled conditions, starting with collection from Farms, delivery to Pack House, and then from Pack House to Air or Seaport, the “shipping” itself, and customs clearing, storage and onward transportation. All of this is done without breaking the Cold-Chain, and in doing so, delivering Fresh Rwandan Produce to Market in a good saleable condition.

Seafast Logistics 365 Ltd shall also facilitate introduction of Rwandan Farmers/Exporters to Wholesalers and Retailers, aimed at all Parties securing value for money, and a consistent supply of fresh produce reaching the latter in good condition.


  • Certifications, Membership & Awards – AEO, WCA, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, The Queens Award, BIFA, BRC, BFFF, IMTA
  • Rwanda Immediate plans – Plans underway to set up Pack House, increase refrigerated truck fleet and reduce the volume of fresh produce wasted before they reach the end consumer by 40%.
Growing Network - Seafast Logistics 365
Sefast Logistics 365 - Mega DC Freezer UK Facility
  • Services offered – Integrated Cold Chain Logistics
  • Partners – Exporters / Out Growers / NAEB / Airlines / Shipping Lines / Government Agencies/ Private Sector.
  • Company owned assets – Refrigerated trucks with an ability to increase capacity depending on demand

For further information including sales and pricing please contact:

Seafast Logistics 365 Limited, Kigali,

David Kaswara: / +250 787 154 192
Nizam Haji: / +250 780 927003

Seafast Logistics, Felixstowe, UK
+44 (0)1394 694800
Will Fensom: +7872 542571
Jemma Brown:

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International Meat Association
uk warehousing association
Seafast, Felixstowe, The Queens Award
Cold Chain Federation Member
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